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If you are really concerned about your site’s online visibility then you can’t deny the importance of link building. Link building service along with content syndication is focused to achieve three main goals:(1) higher ranking on SERP, (2) generating organic traffic and (3) brand establishment. But remember one thing that a poorly planned link building campaign or low quality links would definitely affect your site’s reputation. That is why you need to plan a proper link building strategy at first; and for this purpose you can consult with a SEO expert.


Quality link building service is not an easy job, it is quite stressful and enough time consuming. Man power is also a vital issue for incorporating a properly-planned link building campaign. In maximum cases, for these reasons, we prefer to outsource our link building campaigns. But you must keep in mind another important thing that you are outsourcing the vital part of your site’s marketing. That’s why choosing a proper link building firm is quite essential. Some important tips are given below, that will help you to select an efficient link building service; these are as followed:


1. Planning your link building campaign: A link building campaign can definitely reach the peak of success if it is planned in a proper and logical manner. In this planing process the selection of keywords is as essential as setting of quality criteria for links/as getting quality links for your site. For it, the best method is to learn the SEO basics by yourself; according to my point of view, Aaron Wall’s SEO book can surely guide you. And you can also follow i-m-technologies’ blogs for acquiring knowledge about the latest trends of SEO and link building. But remember you have to spend sufficient time for it; otherwise you might contact some good SEO experts or link building professionals. Having sound knowledge of SEO basics is quite necessary for your link building campaign, unless the link building firm might misguide you.


2. Checking a firm’s credibility: Whenever you perform an online search on any popular search engines regarding link building services you will find lots of results over this topic. There are numerous firms that will offer you link building services; and this is your responsibility to find out the right one. It’s not a hard task if you can abide by some rules; to begin with you have to check the background of the firm, to find out if it is well-reputed, well-skilled, honest and dependable and then you must verify its man power. There are lots of things that need to be verified such as: its knowledge base, performance record of its past projects etc. If it is possible for you to find out its testimonials anywhere then check clients’ remarks on its past performances. It will surely help you to determine the firm’s credibility. If you think that everything is OK with it then you can try some sample packages for testing its service quality. And you could shortlist few companies that provide quality service.


3. Keep track on your budget: Lots of companies offer same service at different rates. Remember that a successful link building campaign is going to be a bit costly. So you should fix your budget before purchasing link building packages. For this purpose you have to choose firms that not only provide quality services but also charge a reasonable rate for their services. You can find out these types of companies through searching the web.


4. Check their link popularity: You have to verify the link popularity of the firm who will be doing link building campaign for your website. will surely help you in this matter. Check from where they are collecting links and how. This checking will definitely help you to judge the credibility of those firms. It’s true that there must be some exceptions; there are firms which for being new to market, can not establish their link popularity very well because it takes enough time. Such an example is i-m-technologies which is also new to market but we provide excellent link building services.


5. Check the quality of customer service: Another important point is to check the quality of customer service of a firm; that means how it responds to its clients’ questions and how it solves clients’ problems. The company should give you its contact information(like phone number or email address etc.) in detail for easy contact. It should have the initiative to inform you about their services on regular basis.


6. Check flexibility in link building services: You should check if the firm offers a bit of everything in its link building service or not, because if your link provider offers only one kind of link building then it is confirmed that there is no flexibility in their service. Their approach may not work for your website; and as a result your link building campaign might be fail.


You should keep these above mentioned criteria in mind before you outsource your link building campaign to a SEO firm.


A proper link building campaign is able to give your site a huge boost. You can choose a firm to plan the campaign for you. But it is highly essential to select an efficient reliable SEO firm; so you need to update yourself about the companies, their profiles. The criteria mentioned here might help you in choosing the right link building service for giving your site the maximum boost.




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